by Brandon LaBelle
Voices: Alessandra Eramo, Almut Kühne, Mat Pogo

Podcast for "ECHOLALIAS III" Radio Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES)

Online on Radio Museo Reina Sofia July 2016

This piece forms part of Ecolalias (Echolalias), a series of podcasts centred on the paths traced by the voice when it is placed in circulation to become the echo of a body it is inseparable from.

"This voice that breaks; this voice that staggers, or talks back; this voice that dreams from within its own shelter;
this voice, always already elsewhere; this voice that interrupts; this voice - the one that murmurs (are you there?);
a drunken voice; this voice resounding through words of compassion, friendship; this voice to which one must respond;
this voice that may also hurt, or inflict; and which is never so simple, or singular, and yet is only itself;
this self, a plurality - a potential, flushed with longing and distraction; this voice on the way to language: will it arrive?
This voice that one offers; that grows tired, ghosted by the possibility and the madness: this voice that touches the limits of the permissible and the ordered, that breaks in;
this voice that recites, or mimics; which one may recall, as that primary tether; and that enables; this voice that seeks new relations - echoes. To this voice listening turns, and is turned".

Brandon LaBelle