Composition, poetry 2015
Performed and recorded by Alessandra Eramo:

Curated by Mattin

"DESETXO 199" Released on Desetxea 6 April 2015

1) Pfvierzsigche Menschen Sein
voice, dictaphone

Pronouncing the two consonants pf in German fascinates me, it's a broken surface, it destabilizes my self- confidence in speaking, because pf offers to me a wide spectrum of possible mistakes, so it creates absurd word confusions such as "vierzig" (forty) and "pfirsich" (peach). So, that's what I/we become: forty-peach-humans.

2) Construction Site in Lisbon's City Centre, Human-Seagull, Tejo River
voice, field recordings

While walking down the beautiful streets of Lisboa's city center, my attention was captured by a very loud sound of a deep drone from a construction site. There was some real estate action happening - a tangible sign of the famous crisis of South Europe. So I recorded that noise and I imagined to be a seagull trapped in a huge concrete building, trying to escape, and finally reaching the freedom and the peace by the waves of the Tejo River. So, that's what I/we become: through singing, a seagull.

3) Trolley Trolleys
voice, field recordings, harmonica

Walking back home after a concert I played in Berlin, carrying my hard case trolley with me, a funny sonic accident happened: the tape recorder in the trolley started to record by itself. Back in the studio, I realized that there was this amazing new recording on the tape but I couldn't figure out where it came from. After listening to it over and over again, the mistery was revealed! So, that's what I/we become: a breathing machine trying to come out from the dark.