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LP release on Corvo Records, November 2010
Recorded at Ausland Berlin, 27 March 2010

"Improv can be so smart, and straightforward. So delicate, so rough, so new"
- AufAbwegen Magazine

Ezramo: vocals / prepared zither / sampler / melodica
David Fenech: guitars / toys / walkman
Gino Robair: blippobox / percussion
Wendelin Büchler: prepared guitar / theremin
Argo Ulva: trumpet


The creator has a masterplan

The first release by Corvo Records (founded in 2010) has been recorded live at legendary venue ausland in Berlin. The spot where the so-called Berlin Echtzeitmusik (realtime music) scene assembled. The roughness of the one take recording and the peculiar sound situation of the venue were retained with the production and intensified with analogue mastering.
A custom silkscreen-cardboard cover emphasizes the haptic/visual aspect of this audio production. The handnumbered edition of 500 copies is an object-like production with visual and audio qualities.
From the record's titel PopeWAFFEN originates a bizarre amalgam of religion and war. Also the record's cover shows an infantile, untainted approach to the subject of violence, death and war.
Through the children's drawings the terror is cathartically transformed into a humorously, yet threatening inner view of a box, possessed by a manic scribbeling guy.
At ausland, Berlin the five musiscians from very different backgrounds were instantly composing a concept album. All without additional overdubs.

LP REVIEWS (excerpts)

"So here's the brandmark of this uncommon quintet for a record that will be remembered for his delicious mix, rarely heard with such a beautiful style in the recent year."
Revue et corrigee

"I think what I like most here is the strong sense of cooperation, leading to a very productive musical workplace; no showing off, much genuine dynamic interaction. To this I would add the overall group imagination, the highly pleasing mixtures of sounds and playing styles, and the way that incredibly free and open music can be produced in a orderly and civilised manner, without the need for frenetic frottage and hand-gesturing every five minutes in order to achieve a climax."
The Sound Projector

This LP deserves a number of attentive listens, offering different angles of enjoyment and - why not - fun.
Touching Extremes

"An absolutely horrendous trip through the most absurd instrumental passages that has ever slipped out of a trumpet in conjunction with a prepared guitar."

"What I like most in this type of work is the interchangeability of roles and uncertainty in which the listener is precipitated, since you're never sure about who did this or that sound"
Sands Zine

"This record has a compelling charme that emanates not just from the music, but from the fact that everything here is made with love. From the hand-made cover on the detailed liner notes and the (background) thoughts about the pieces to the recording and, ultimately, the music itself."

"PopeWAFFEN refuses to stay in the background, but the way it penetrates into the foreground, is clever and smart."
Gonzo (Circus)

"The opening statement of Berlin's Corvo Records is a tirade of phased distortion, electronic squeals, sweeping metallic chimes - somewhat anarchic, yet unarguably cohesive - acting as a cathartic, all-at-once release of pressure, and a rowdy proclamation as to what PopeWAFFEN are all about."

"The final effect is quite psychedelic as it all sounds very oblique, but in the end, the layering of different acoustic sounds, that hint of female voice with the addition of trumpet and electronics make the dish a lot more digestive."