Composition for voice and field recordings, 2014

Performed and exhibited at:
- MuseRuole Festival 2014, Innsbruck (AT)
- Museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam (DE), 29th November 2014
- Errant Bodies Celebrates! Free Berlin No.2, 10 October 2015

Text-sound composition I wrote and recorded in May 2014 at ex-industrial areas in Berlin:
- Wiesenstrasse 55 Wedding "Wiesenburg Ruins" former homeless asylum (in 1940 the Metal Foundry of Moabit moved in)
- Corner Volta-/Hussitenstraße Wedding, former "Assemby Plant AEG" (General Electric Society)
- Herzbergstrasse 55 Lichtenberg, former "Margarine Factory Berolina" (founded in 1909)
- Chaussestrasse, former "Feuerland" Borsig steel industry (around 1840)

Focusing on the idea that ex-industrial places can still show ghost-sounds, memory and present melt into each other in a new soundscape through our imagination and personal experience.


"Feuerland" in Berlin-Mitte: Borsig plant at the Chausseestrasse, painting by Karl Eduard Biermann (1847)