Sound performance for silent movie, 2018
voice, theremin, tape, 12'14''

Performed at:
TIER_BILD_TON series, Errant Sound Berlin, 18th May 2018
curated by Antje Vowinckel and Ines Lechleitner

- Audio composition/Performance by Alessandra Eramo (2018)
- The Video is taken from the British series of natural history documentary entitled "Secrets of Nature" (between 1920-1929)

The silent nature movie "The White Owl", created during the heyday of English Gothic, plays with elements such as the primal fear of the nocturnal bird of prey as a symbol of the nearing death. The owl is humanized and embedded in a constructed audiovisual narration. This gives access to humans to nature and domesticates it in order to overcome their own fears. I take inspiration from the suspense and create an atmospheric composition of bird calls, extended vocal technique and analog electronics like theremin and tape. From the hatching of the owl to hunting scenes and a classical cemetery scenario to a catharsis scene: through the soundtrack of these images with creepy screams and choral singing I move along the transformation from dark to cheerful sounds.

Kindly supported by Bezirksamt Pankow and inm-Berlin