Composition for voice of a newborn, 2016
8'20'' Voice: Irene Selma Büchler

Performed at:
- Ausland Berlin (DE)
- Audiorama Stockholm (SE)

Excerpt from "Dime niña donde vienes"

Ninna Nanna di Adele

Dime niña donde vienes (tell me little girl where do you come from): Bodily sounds, or pre-words, or a kind of "proto-language" that belongs to everyone's memory. I explore the mistery and the beauty in human voice, and create an intimate sound poetry piece, interlacing my own voice with recordings of slurping, tongue clicking, breathing, sighs, screams and other noises emitted by my daughter during her first three months of life.

Supported by: City of Berlin / Ausland Berlin
Thanks to Stefan Roigk