Catalogue, April 2019

60 pages, colour and b/w photographies, soft cover
Text in Italian
Published by Erratum Milan (IT)
Design by Elena Amodeo and Vittorio Schieroni
Curated by Sergio Armaroli and Steve Piccolo

Limited to 150 copies
Presented in frame of the solo exhibition and performance A/TEM at Erratum Milan (IT), 16-26 April 2019
The book also documents the installation/sound performance at the group exhibition dotLand2 Zigarettenfabrik Wilmersdorf Berlin (DE)
3 October 2018, curated by Peninsula

For A/TEM (the German word Atem means Breath) I sing abstract sounds with my voice such as an interrupted breath, and I create abstract, automatic drawings. Although these can be read as graphic notation, the drawings are much more than a visual representation of the voice: Detached from visual-acoustic hierarchies, voice and gestural drawing are inseparably connected in a hand-mouth coding with its endless possibilities of interpretation and translation.


The voice is ephemeral. How can I make the presence of my voice visible? A crucial aspect of my ongoing artistic research is the tension between orality and writing. The deep exploration of the voice as a medium and instrument brings me to a physical acoustic experience in singing. The voice can be expanded into something else, it can be transformed or symbolized, it can become a drawing and a graphic score, and it can be recorded for the eternity. I am interested to find connections between opposites, creating a dialogue between the sound of the inside and the outside, like the breath.

PDF of the Book here